How to design a perfect printing lanyard

Design a perfect printing lanyard

11/16/20224 min read

The Best Custom Lanyard Design Tips For Your Business

Do you get sick of distributing stress balls or branded pens at every convention you go to?

Do you feel that because no one seems to be aware of your company's existence, you are frequently losing customers to your competitors?

Are you searching for a promotional product that will surprise your target audience and help people remember your business long after you made an initial impression?

If so, this year should be the one when you come up with the ideal custom lanyard designs for your company. What makes personalized lanyards such a clever marketing strategy, and what should you take into account while making your own?

Find out by reading on.

Why Should You Spend Money On Personalized Lanyard Designs?

Before we give you some tips on what to think about when making custom lanyard designs, let's first talk about why these unusual promotional goods are a wonderful idea.

The first and most obvious reason is that they will aid in the development of brand recognition for your business. People will remember your brand more frequently if they can see promotional lanyards for your business every day of the year (if they hang them from their backpacks or car keys, for instance).

When they require the goods or services you provide, they will already be aware of who to contact. Consider your own promotional lanyards as a new kind of business card for your company.

The cost of marketing is low.

Additionally, it is a very economical method of marketing. Why spend thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars on television advertisements, social media marketing, and newspaper ads when you can't even guarantee that your target audience will see them?

You won't just wow your current clientele by giving away your personalised lanyards. When other potential customers see your promotional lanyards out and about in the community and begin to inquire about your brand, you'll also contribute to creating buzz.

Both your employees and customers will enjoy it.

What's another good incentive to spend money on bespoke lanyard designs?

It's a great approach to foster team unity and employee relationships no matter where your team members are. Your team will enjoy coming up with the colors, coming up with the design, and placing the orders together. It's a fun activity that will serve as a physical reminder to your staff of your gratitude and a metaphor for how the entire team should work together.

And lastly, everyone enjoys receiving free things! Free lanyards are a fantastic way to let your clients know you value their business. You might be pleasantly surprised by the positive impact that even a small gift like a lanyard can have.

How to Create the Ideal Lanyard Designs

Think About The Color

The colors you intend to utilize will undoubtedly be the first thing you consider when starting to design your custom lanyards.

Maintain consistency by choosing your company's colors if you're only concerned with increasing brand recognition.

But did you know that a person's emotional response to a hue can also be triggered by it?

Choose navy blue if you want to foster a sense of trust among your clients. Want something to represent the development your clients will go through when they deal with you? If so, go for a green style. Want to show customers that your company is unconventional in its thinking? then decide on purple.

Remember The Lanyard Type

The type of lanyard that will work best for your brand should be considered after you've chosen the colors.

Consider wrist strap lanyards, for instance, if you want to keep things small. If your business is committed to sustainability, have a look at our recycled, bamboo, and other green solutions.

At an upcoming event, do you need your lanyard to support a name tag or ID badge? If so, provide a silicone option to keep everyone at ease. Do your staff members or lanyard recipients perform hazardous tasks? If so, search for adjustable lanyards that will keep them secure while working.

Choose the size and placement of the branding

You should start considering the design's finer details once you've chosen the color, material, and overall function of your lanyard.

Would you prefer subtle branding or something that stands out loud and proud?

Do you want the name of your business put on the lanyard all the way around or only on the front?

It's crucial to maintain the readability of the overall design in mind when constructing, regardless of the choice you select. If no one can read your brand's name because you selected an unintelligible font or size, even the most gorgeous design won't be of any service to you.

Remember that you have the option of including small graphics, such as your company logo, in the design in addition to writing. Discuss with your team which image will make you stand out the most. As with the wording, be sure to take the size and location into account.

Where can you buy lanyards that are customized?

If you're attending a conference, putting up a booth at a nearby soccer match or other sporting event, or simply want to tuck one inside a shopping bag or shipment box, we offer amazing lanyard designs that you can take anywhere.

We provide bespoke ID cards, camera straps, pet leads and collars, lanyards, and much more in addition to these items.

In other words, regardless of the impression you want to make or the overall branding style of your business, we work with you to develop the ideal promotional products to help it become even more well-known in the coming year.

To find out how we'll work together to crush the competition, get in touch with us right away for a free quote.