How to Printing Lanyard

Step by step to printing lanyard

11/16/20222 min read

Lanyards are used during events, fairs, and festivals in addition to at offices. Their function has evolved from being purely functional to becoming more of a memento. People would typically gather and keep their lanyard even after an event, especially if it is tastefully printed. We are here to assist you in selecting and preparing your lanyards.

Options for lanyard material and printing Nylon: Spot color silk screen printing is done on this material. No color gradients or transparency are used in the printing process; only solid colors are used. Polyester: This substance is utilized for full-color sublimation printing, which also includes color gradients and transparency. In comparison to nylon, polyester feels softer. Finishing Finishing describes how the lanyard material is attached. You can stitch, rivet, or clamp lanyards. Clamping is the typical finishing method. However, if you decide to fasten a buckle, clamping is not an option. Accessories The Metal Clip is the typical attachment for our lanyards (with O-ring). A lobster hook or a snap hook are other options. Optional:If necessary, you can opt either a swing buckle or a buckle. If you want to attach an access card to the lanyard, for instance, a buckle will come in handy. You can quickly detach the card for scanning and then reattach it thanks to the buckle.

Safety Clip: The Lanyard can be upgraded with a breakaway safety clip. The safety clip opens up to release the lanyard and prevent any harm to the user in the event that the lanyard becomes stuck and is pulled sharply. Getting the artwork ready The length of the lanyard determines the width of the artwork; The artwork width is either 15 mm or 20 mm, depending on the lanyard width.

Length of the art: The artwork measures 30.1 inches in length without a buckle. The length of the lanyard determines the width of the artwork; The artwork width is either 15 mm or 20 mm, depending on the lanyard width.Length of the art:Absent a buckle: The length of the piece is 30.1 inches. The artwork is divided into two halves. The first section is 26.1 inches long. About one inch of the length will be visible for the second half. Spot colors must be used in the artwork for silkscreen printing (converting your artwork to Spot colors).

There can be only solid colors, no color gradients or transparency. The artwork must be in CMYK for full color printing and may include color gradients and transparency. The design needs to be uploaded in a vector PDF file for both silkscreen and full color printing.